Model: ThermCo
Manufacturer: ThermCo
Area: Clean Room

Material Class:

Si, SiC

Technology Description:


Conventional tube furnaces for oxidation (dry, wet) and heat treatment. Totally 10 furnaces are availble covering a temperature range up to 1800C.

Technical Information:

Temperature range: 400-1150C

Tube 1:SiC Oxidation; Tube 2:Si Oxidation; Tube 3:Si High Temp. Annealing;

Tube 4:Si Contact Annealing

Materials: Si; SiC

Ambient: O2; N2; H2N2 (FORMIER 10)



Viktor Bobal

Senior Engineer

UiO MiNaLab

Responsible for the ion beam techniques as UiO MiNaLab, as well as the thermal processes. In addition tool responsible on multiple tools.

+47 90713892