NorFab welcomes users from all academic disciplines, start-up companies, industry and the public sector. As the Norwegian Infrastructure for Micro- and NanoFabrication our user community is predominantly based in Norway, but we also host international users who appreciate our state-of-the-art facilities and competitive pricing.

Access to the infrastructure and pricing depend on whether you are an academic or industry user, whether you are looking to use the instruments yourself or hire an expert to work for you, and on the type of instruments and materials you plan to use. This section, along with the information on available technologies and instruments page, will help you budget for your planned project and apply for access to the relevant cleanroom(s).

Access routines

The three academic cleanrooms at NTNU, USN and UiO are open access facilities: whether you are from academia or industry, you are welcome to come and work hands-on at our facilities. We offer training to all new users to ensure you can safely work in our cleanrooms as well as equipment specific training for each of the instruments you want to use. We often have a number of standard processes available for each instrument, but process optimisation is usually required for your specific application. Our engineers are experts on their equipment and are available to help.

For some requests, it might be cheaper and faster to purchase an operator service rather than to spend the training hours necessary to gain the expertise needed to obtain high quality results and analyse the data. An expert will then carry out the work for you. This is dependent on availability and often most relevant for characterisation techniques.

For foundry services, small production runs, or more extensive contract research, SINTEF MiNaLab is your NorFab partner of choice. SINTEF MiNaLab does not offer open access to their cleanroom, and all fabrication is carried out by their experts to your specifications.

Applications for access to NorFab’s laboratories should be filed to the laboratory where the activity will take place. This may be done through the links below.

NTNU NanoLab
UiO MiNaLab
SINTEF MiNaLab (email address)

If you have any questions, please contact the lab specific contact person.

Prices for use of NorFab

Current price list for NorFab (PDF)

The prices are based on the intention to share the costs of the infrastructure among users. Prices for academic activities are supported through basic funding from the universities and the Research Council of Norway. Prices for industrial activities are based on a full‐cost approach; no cross‐subsidies between the user groups are given. Please contact NorFab coordinator Hanna Gautun ( for questions related to the updated price list.

Support from NorFab

As a general rule, all research projects must have funding to cover access to NorFab infrastructure included in their application budgets. In special cases NorFab may give some financial support for working in UiO MiNaLab, USN MST-Lab and NTNU NanoLab. Eligible applications could be:

  • pilot projects to prepare for future funding applications
  • projects lacking funding to cover user fees although this was included in the application
  • start-up of activities by newly hired staff.

Please note that the application must be submitted by the project leader/supervisor on behalf of the user.

Applications for NorFab support must be filed using this electronic application form

The following rules apply for the grants:

  • No application deadline. Applications will be processed continuously.
  • The applications will be considered by the leader group of NorFab.
  • Your application must include the following:
    • How will special support from NorFab contribute to future increase in activity for the NorFab facility, new fully financed projects in NorFab-labs etc? (Maximum 200 words).
    • Project description (Maximum 250 words)
    • Processes and instruments the project will need access to in the NorFab facilities (maximum 200 words)
    • If the project intends to use more than one NorFab node, how the intended work and the amount applied for is divided between the labs should be described.

The applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Scientific merit and/or innovation level
  • The project introduces new users to the infrastructure or facilitates international collaboration.


All research activities carried out in NorFab’s facilities are supported by the Research Council of Norway through the support of operational costs given to the infrastructure.

All users of the NorFab must acknowledge NorFab in publications and other written material using the following standard text:

“The Research Council of Norway is acknowledged for the support to the Norwegian Micro- and Nano-Fabrication Facility, NorFab, project number 295864”

Any publications including any results obtained using NorFab should be tagged in the Cristin database with the NorFab project number 295864.

Export Control

A precondition for use of NorFabs facilities is that our users must be compliant with the relevant export control legislation and that the person with personell responsibility for the research project certifies this is the case.