Model: Dektak 150 Stylus ProfilerScan
Manufacturer: Veeco Instruments Inc.
Area: G2-33 Cleanroom


The Dektak 150 Surface Profiler provides repeatable, accurate measurements on varied surfaces, from traditional 2D roughness surface characterization and step height measurements to advanced 3D mapping and film stress analyses. With its small footprint, latest generation technology and extensive add-on capabilities, the Dektak 150 enables superior performance, versatility and value for industry and research engineers.

Standard Z range of 1 millimeter enables larger step measurements

6 Angstrom repeatability with optional low-noise electronics provides industry-best 4-angstrom repeatability

NLite accessory for measurement of soft materials like photoresist

Optional X-Y automated stage delivers programmability of over 200 locations


Technical Data:

Length Range: 55mm standard; up to 150mm with stitching option

Max. Sample Thickness: Up to 90mm, depending on configuration

Max. Wafer Size: 150mm (200mm with Advanced Automation Package)

Step Height Repeatability: 6Å (D150) (4Å (D150+ option))

Vertical Range: 524um (1mm optional)

Vertical Resolution: 1Å max. (at 6.55μm range)


Zekija Ramic



Chemical and biological methods
Dry etch
Thermal processes
Thin film deposition

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