Model: MLA150
Manufacturer: Heidelberg
Area: Lithography & Wet Etch

The MLA150 Maskless aligner is a direct laser write tool. Two laser sources 405nm and 375nm. So all NanoLab photoresists are compatible with the system. Capable of exposing substrates from 5mm X 5mm up to full 6” wafers or masks. Substrate thickness must be between 0.1 and 6mm. The system has a topside alignment accuracy of 500nm and backside of 1µm. Minimum line width is 1µm. The system accepts GDSII, CIF, Gerber and DXF formats.


Mark Chiappa

Senior Engineer

NTNU NanoLab

Responsible for ultra violet lithography, electron beam lithography at NTNU NanoLab.

‭+47 91897617‬