Model: InVia Reflex Spectrometer System
Manufacturer: Renishaw
Area: Student Lab

Renishaw InVia Reflex Spectrometer System for Raman spectral analysis using VIS excitation at 532 nm (100mW) and NIR at 785 nm (300mW). Full upgradeability to both UV and IR ranges.


  • Spectral resolution < 1 cm-1
  • Fully automated laser switching including gratings, filters etc
  • Inherently coherent design
  • Spectral range 200 nm to 1050 nm
  • TE cooled CCD detector
  • Fully controllable confocality with axial resolution better than 1.5 um.
  • SynchroScanTM full range extended scan at high spectral resolution > 100 -4500 cm-1 for VIS lasers.
  • High efficiency (>30% overall system throughput)