Model: MASTER Mini PSG-532
Manufacturer: ELAS
Area: MiNaLab Clean Room

Instrument model:


Technology Description:

The machine is equipped with a solid-state pulsed nanosecond laser operating a fixed wavelength of 532 nm that is suitable for both scribing and cutting. The sample stage provides a maximum scribing area of 16 x 16 cm2, which is large enough to accommodate commercial 6-inch wafers. User-friendly standard recipes are available for different materials, both as single-line cuts and as 10 x 10 mm patterns. An optical camera system enables automatic sample alignment as well as z-stage aligment. Please note that the standard recipes for the different materials are tailored to ensure a high quality cut, and are the only recipes that should be used. In the case where you need to cut a different material or with a custom pattern, please contact the tool-responsible.

Technical Information:

Laser: Air-cooled, solid-state nanosecond pulsed laser (Class 3).

  • Fixed operating wavelength of 532 nm.
  • Adjustable peak power up to 20 W.
  • Max pulse energy up to 1.2 mJ.
  • Pulse repetition rate: single shot to 100 kHz.
  • Typical pulse duration: 10 – 50 ns.
  • Short (~5 minutes) warm up time.

Laser focus: Automated Z-axis adjustment with precision of 1 micrometer.

Laser alignment: A secondary HeNe laser is also available visualize the desired pattern on the sample prior to cutting.

Sample size: Large sample stage (16 x 16 cm2) permits scribing of large wafers in a single run.


In general, samples should be no more than 2 mm thick. Standard cutting processes have been developed for a variety of materials including:

  • Fused silica and quartz (single-line cut and square patterns with user-defined sizes).
  • Mono- and multi-crystalline silicon (single-line cut and square patterns with user-defined sizes).
  • Al2O3 (0001) wafers (single-line cut and square patterns with user-defined sizes).
  • ZnO (0001) substrates (single-line cut).
  • Ga2O3, both (-201) and (010) oriented wafers (single-line cut).
  • SiC (0001) susbtrates (single-line cut).

Due to potential damage to the machine, scribing or cutting of materials with higly reflective surfaces is not permitted. For untested materials, please contact the tool-responsible to discuss your needs. N2


Vegard Rønning

Senior Engineer

UiO MiNaLab

Background In material science and nanotechnology from UiO.
Experience with design and operation of vacuum and cryogenic systems for electrical and optical characterization. 3D modeling and CAD.
Responsible for the laser cutter, atomic layer deposition and 3D printer at UiO MiNaLab.

+47 228 52 840 / +47 473 74 173