Manufacturer: Picosun
Area: Cleanroom

Wafer size: 150 mm

Batch size: 24

Materials: Al2O3

Precursors: TMA, H2O, O3

Purge gas: N2

Deposition Temperature: 100-300 °C

Typical film thickness: 1 – 100 nm

Refractive index at 631.8 nm: 1.6-1.7

Deposition rate: ca. 1 Å/cycle

Batch uniformity: < 2%

Wafer uniformity: < 1%

ALD utilizes self-limiting reactions to enable highly controlled conformal growth on high aspect ratio surfaces at low deposition temperatures. The deposited films are pinhole-free, and the deposition parameters can be tailored to optimize the Al2O3 properties toward surface passivation, antireflective coating, low permeability, or just as a protective coating.