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NorFab linked to Nordic Nano Network and EuroNanoLab

The NorFab national infrastructure is linked to Nordic Nano Network and to EuroNanoLab.

The EuroNanolab Dry Etch Expert Group meeting organized in Sinaia, Romania 9-10 October, 2023 gathered 18 experts from 10 different European labs, and covered a broad range of topics, including Training, Hardware, Cleaning, Conditioning, and Processing. Discussions regarding tool sharing methodology continued with updates from the Oxford Pilot Group, Estrelas Group and Pegasus Group.

One of the additional focal points of the meeting was the free discussions regarding how to tackle current environmentally friendly laws concerning the use of essential semiconductor chemicals/gases like SF6 in our facilities. Other points of discussion concerned the bonding techniques used for plasma etching (glue, tape, etc.) and the contamination induced by the flakes (ALF).

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Representatives from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) were present from the Norfab consortium.

or more detailed information, contact Geir Bjørnsen at USN.

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