Model: MiniLab T25M
Manufacturer: Moorfield Associates
Area: G2-33 Cleanroom

MiniLab T25M is a thermal source vacuum deposition system for sequential deposition of up to 4 materials during one cycle.It contains 4 discrete crucibles/filaments for resistive evaporator with manual crucible selection via the TE4C control unit. There is onesolenoid actuated source shutter, to operate discretely over the active sources or substrate. Control is via a switch on the front panel console. The source is water cooled and the electrical feed through kit provides power to the device. A transformer circuit with 5V/100A standard tapings is mounted in the system bench and configured for sequential deposition. The TE4C has the following functions – variable power control, filament current digital read out, manual filament selector switch, main switch on/off. For process control theSigma Q-Pod thin film monitor is used with software suite (Windows based) andonewater-cooledcrystal head with oscillator and cable set. A box chamber size of 25 liter made of stainless steel with front loading and top plate ports for substrate rotation, temperature control, heating etc. 1 x front door view port with manual window shutter above allowing for source viewing through the view port.There are shielding possibilities for all sides of the box chamber except the bottom plate. The pumping system consists of an Edwards XDS5 dry scroll type of 5m3/hr capacity backing pump and anautomated Edwards EXT75DX 75 l/sec turbo molecular pump. Ultimate vacuum is 1 x 10-6 mbar.

Technical Data: Sequential deposition of up to 4 materials. Handles up to 150mm wafers and pieces (Si and others).


Thomas Marthinsen

Lab Engineer


Chemical and biological methods
Dry etch
Thermal processes
Thin film deposition

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