Model: DektakXT-A
Manufacturer: Bruker
Area: MiNaLab Clean Room

Material Class:

Textured surfaces

Technology Description:

Stylus profilometry performs 2D- and 3D-surface profile measurements to characterize film thickness, roughness, and stress on samples up to 200 mm (8 in.) in diameter. The operation of the profilometer is based on a sharp stylus that is scanned across a surface so that the surface topography of the sample is obtained. User-programmable stylus force allows profiling on hard and soft surfaces.

Technical Information:

Vertical range: 1 Å to 1 mm.

Vertical resolution: 1 Å.

Maximum wafer size: 200 mm (diameter).

Stylus force: programmable, 1 mg – 15 mg.

Stylus options: 2 μm radius.

Stiching capability: yes.

Stress measurements: 2D stress measurement capability.

3D mapping: 3D mapping collection and analysis capability.

Software: Vision ® 64 Operation and Analysis software. 


Viktor Bobal

Senior Engineer

UiO MiNaLab

Responsible for the ion beam techniques as UiO MiNaLab, as well as the thermal processes. In addition tool responsible on multiple tools.

+47 90713892