Model: 308R
Manufacturer: Cressington
Area: Bionano

The Cressington 308R is a combined DC magnetron sputter and thermal evaporator system.

Sputtering is used to deposit thin films of materials onto a substrate. Argon atoms are ionized, bombarded onto the target which leads to the ejection of atoms from the surface. These ejected atoms will in turn hit the substrate and coat the surface with a thin film of target material. Thermal evaporation in the Cressington 308R is done by resistive heating of a target until it evaporates onto a substrat

  • Materials allowed: everything which is not considered as contaminating within NanoLab rules, sample size can’t exceed 50.8 mm (2”) in diameter.
  • 2 Sputter heads (one with water cooling)
  • 2 Thermal evaporation boats (both with water cooling)
  • Quartz crystal thickness monitor
  • Argon process gas


Martijn de Roosz

Senior Engineer

NTNU NanoLab

Responsible for Thin Film deposition and Dry Etch section at NTNU NanoLab.

+47 46932581