Model: 91160 Full Spectrum Solar Simulator
Manufacturer: Newport
Area: MiNaLab Probe room

Material Class:


Technology Description:


Solar simulators produce a highly collimated and uniform output beam in various sizes , and deliver a close match to solar radiation. An air mass filter can be added to simulate a variety of solar conditions.

Technical Information:

Type: Newport 91160 Full Spectrum Solar Simulator

Beam Size : 51 x 51 mm

Typical Power Output: 2 suns

Lamp Wattage:            300 W

Collimation Angle:            <±10 °



Halvor Dolva

Head Engineer

UiO MiNaLab

Responsible engineer for dry etching, and thin film deposition with PECVD. Tool-responsible on multiple tools. Maintenance, purchasing, safety

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