Model: DXIII
Manufacturer: Dynatex
Area: Supporting Labs

The Dynatex DX-III is a combined scriber and breaker with a diamond tip scriber and an impulse bar breaker. The scriber is run over the sample surface making cuts with a maximum channel widht of 5 µm. After scribing the sample the breaking mechanism delivers an exact impact directly below the scribe line, cleanly separating the die. The user can set the following parameters: Scribe force, scribe angle, approach speed, scribe speed, scribe extension, break force, multiple die size.

  • Materials allowed: everything which is not considered as contaminating within NanoLab rules, sample size can’t exceed 100 mm in diameter and 1.25 mm in height.
  • Scribe method: Diamond tip
  • Scribe channel width < 5µm
  • Scribe speed: Max 75 mm/s
  • Break method: Impulse bar
  • Break rate: 2 breaks per second


Martijn de Roosz

Senior Engineer

NTNU NanoLab

Responsible for Thin Film deposition and Dry Etch section at NTNU NanoLab.

+47 46932581