Model: MA6
Manufacturer: Karl Süss
Area: Lithography & Wet Etch

The MA6 is a versitile UV maskaligner capable of exposing samples from 5mmX5mm up to 100mm wafers.

We have 5 exposure modes Proximity, Soft, Hard, Vacuum and Low Vaccum.  The system is also capable of flood exposures and the wavelength can be filtered to 405nm, 365nm or 320nm.

In addition we have SCIL (Substate Conformal Imprint Lithography) for full wafer imprinting.  Users must take SCIL training before using this method.


Mark Chiappa

Senior Engineer

NTNU NanoLab

Responsible for ultra violet lithography, electron beam lithography at NTNU NanoLab.

‭+47 91897617‬