Model: MJB55
Manufacturer: Karl Suss
Area: Lithography-room

Material Class:


Technology Description:


The mask aligner is out of order as such, but can be used as an XY-stage for specialised purposes.

Maskaligners are used in photolithography to transfer a pattern on a photomask to a photoresist on a wafer. This photoresist can then serve as e.g. an etch mask to transfer the pattern into the wafer. The photoresist can also be removed after metal deposition, leaving a metal pattern on the wafer (lift-off).Soft and hard contact exposures give a resolution of 1-2 µm. Vacuum contact exposure give higher resolution (0,6 µm) but shortens the mask lifetime, whereas proximity exposures give lower resolution but less wear on the mask

Technical Information:

Type: Karl Suss MJB55

350 W mercury short-arc lam



Viktor Bobal

Senior Engineer

UiO MiNaLab

Responsible for the ion beam techniques as UiO MiNaLab, as well as the thermal processes. In addition tool responsible on multiple tools.

+47 90713892