Model: 1.2
Manufacturer: Fortuna
Area: Chemical area

This bench has less room because of a Dip Coater

Sample Specification:

No use of chemicals that needs a ventilated workspace.

Technology Description:


The LAF (laminar air flow) benches are a confined workspace in which stable vertical unidirectional flow (laminar flow) provides protection for the product handled against particulate contamination from the surroundings and the operator. Tap water and special gases such as nitrogen (purity 5.0 and 6.0), argon (5.0), oxygen and compressed, dry air are available.

Technical Information:

Model: Fortuna 0.9 and 1.2

Year model: 2007

Quantity of recirculated air: 825 and 1100 m3/h

The filter efficiency of the main filter is 99.999 % of particles 0.3 µm.