Model: Axio Scope.A1 430035-9120-000
Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss
Area: Bionano

The Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 is an optical microscope that can be used with both reflected and transmitted light. It is a highly flexible setup specifically intended for biological samples. The microscope can be used with large samples (up to 110mm wide and 380mm high!). The setup has filters for:

* Bright field (BF): illumination from below

* Epi bright field (Epi BF): illumination from above

* Dark field (DF): only observing light scattered by the specimen

* Fluorescence with up to three dyes: 

            – Fs 49: excitation at 365nm (105nm bandpass width)

            – Fs 38: excitation at 470nm (40nm bandpass width)

            – Fs 20: excitation at 546nm (12nm bandpass width)

* Differential interference contrast (DIC): relief contrast for unstained samples


The microscope has three interchangeable light sources:

* 2x Halogen lamps for both transmitted and reflected light

* A HXP 120W mercury arc lamp for fluorescence excitation


The objective lenses installed are:

* 10x and 20x N-ACHROPLAN inexpensive all-round objectives with good chromatic correction and planarity.

* 5x and 20x EC Plan-NEOFLUAR and 40x LD Plan-NEOFLUAR high-resolution objectives for high contrast and high transmission.

* 63x Acroplan oil immersion objective


Images can be captured on the connected computer using the AxioCam MRc firewire camera (1388×1040 pixel sensor) mounted on top of the microscope.


Verner Håkonsen

Senior Engineer

NTNU NanoLab

Engineer responsible for characterization at NTNU NanoLab together with Jakob Vinje. Also responsible for the XPS/AES lab. Has experience in chemical methods, such as nanoparticles synthesis. Has been responsible for thin film deposition in the past.

Performs operator service on SEM/STEM, FIB, AFM, profilometers and XPS.

+47 92057253