Model: Flextura
Manufacturer: Polyteknik
Area: MiNaLab Clean Room

Instrument model:

Flextura Gate 2 (Sputtering chamber). Gate 2 is part of the Flextura cluster that have one load-lock (typical 15 minutes pump-down time), one transfer chamber, two growth chambers, one post-growth annealing chamber (all with base pressures in the range of 10-8 – 10-9 mBar) and one analytical chamber (with base pressure in the range 10-10 – 10-9 mBar). A robotic arm allow for sample handling between the different chambers and thus allow for growth, post-growth annealing and surface-sensitive analysis, all in-situ.

Technology Description:

Magnetron sputtering is a technique which can be used for thin film deposition with a wide range of materials – in principle any solid metal or alloy and a variety of compounds. Sputtering is the removal of atomized material from a solid due to energetic bombardment of its surface layers by ions or neutral particles. The Flecxtura Gate 2 offers co-deposition of five targets, and multilayer films without breaking vacuum. The Flextura Gate 2 is intended for high quality processes and is now dedicated for selected nitride- and oxynitride systems.

Technical Information:

Sources: 2 DC, 2 RF and 1 HiPIMS (High-power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering)

Target size: 5 x 3”

Substrate size: 4” Single wafer chamber, but smaller samples can be mounted on the sample holder.

Substrate heating: 20 ºC – 1000 ºC

Gas: Ar, N2, O2 and H2

Materials: Selected nitride and oxynitride systems. 


Vegard Skiftestad Olsen

Lab Manager

UiO MiNaLab

Lab manager responsible for the operation of UiO MiNaLab, including lab management and procurement of new instruments. In addition I am also one of the main responsible for the thin film deposition by sputtering, as well as the XRD and Hall characterization methods.

+47 991 59 872