Model: Flextura
Manufacturer: Specs
Area: MiNaLab Clean Room

Instrument model:

Custom made analysis chamber by SPECS and Polyteknik

Technology Description:

The Flextrua cluster growth tool at the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory at the University of Oslo (UiO MiNaLab) is connected to an analysis chamber for advanced sample characterization. A plethora of concomitant surface science techniques are available that utilise a variety of photon sources, a state-of-the-art hemispherical electron analyser and low energy electron diffraction optics. The UPS/ARPES system can resolve the integrated density of states and momentum resolved electronic structure.

Technical Information:

System manipulator: Motorised sample manipulator accommodating up to 20 samples with max dimensions of 10x10x1 mm samples. Smaller surface area samples can be measured down to 3×3 mm. UPS analysis on all samples pockets possible, while only the central pocked is possible for ARPES.

Low vacuum: 5×10-7 – 5×10-10 mBar base pressure.

Source: UVS 10/35 ultraviolet helium discharge lamp for 21.2 eV and 40.8 eV photons.

Analyser: PHOIBOS 150 hemisphere electron analyser and 2D CCD detector with real space and angle resolving lens modes.

UPS resolution: 0.1 eV.

Lateral resolution: 0.01 mm.


Vegard Skiftestad Olsen

Lab Manager

UiO MiNaLab

Lab manager responsible for the operation of UiO MiNaLab, including lab management and procurement of new instruments. In addition I am also one of the main responsible for the thin film deposition by sputtering, as well as the XRD and Hall characterization methods.

+47 991 59 872