Model: DAD-2H/6T Semi-Auto Dicing Saw
Manufacturer: Disco
Area: G1-31 Tecnical room


Disco DAD 2H/6T is a semi-automatic table top Dicing Saw suitable for R&D applications. It can be operated manually or automatic. It is equipped with a CCD camera and a 5” monitor.



Technical Data:
– Max wafer size: 6″/150mm



– Manual load dicing saw
– Table top dicing saw
– 1500W Spindle
– Motorized 360° Theta
– 40mm Scope with eyepiece
– Spindle rotation speed: 15,000~30,000 rpm
– Z -axis vertical stroke of spindle: 20 mm.
– Index range: 0.002 mm to 99.998 mm.