Model: CNT-reactor
Manufacturer: IMST Lab
Area: G2-33 Cleanroom

The Carbon NanoTube (CNT)-reactor is a small vacuum chamber of 40mm in diameter, from Vacuum Service A/S, for growing CNT’s. It is equipped with two pressure gauges to monitor the pressure, one mechanical (analog) and one electrical (digital, 275 mini Convectron). The pressure measurement range is from atmosphere to 10-3 Torr. The chamber is connected to a vacuum pump and to 3 sources of gases, H2 and C2H2, through 2 PC-controlled flow-controllers and also through 3 manually adjusted flow-controllers. There is a 9-pin feed-through for electrical connections between the devices inside the chamber and the electrical equipment/circuit outside. Some of the pins are used to supply electrical power to the microstructure and to control the temperature for CNT growth. In this way both the temperature (of the device) and the atmosphere inside chamber can be controlled during growth.

Technical Data: 
Gases: H2, Ar, N2, O2, CO2 and C2H2
Gas controllers: 2 PC-controlled MFC and 4 manually adjusted Flowmeters.
Range: atm. to 10-3 Torr.
Press. Meas.: Analog and digital( 275 mini Convectron)
Electrical Connection: 9-pin feed-through