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Connecting, supporting and enabling research and innovation within Micro- and nanotechnology in Norway.

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NorFab provides access to state-of-the-art laboratories for researchers, independent of their academic institution or company affiliation. Our three academic cleanrooms at NTNU, USN and UiO are open access facilities and you are welcome to come and perform hands-on work at our facilities. Training is offered to all new users. Our engineers are experts on the equipment, and we can offer operator service on most tools and specific processes.

We welcome all enquiries, both general requests or specific questions to any information found on this website. Contact information can be found on our Contact-page.


We have a lot of equipment! Every instrument is stored in a searchable database, so if you need to find something specific, you can use the search function below.

You can also browse all the equipment by clicking on your preferred lab to the right. There you will find a list of every equipment available at the chosen lab.

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Our laboratories and facilites are the following:

  • NTNU NanoLab
  • USN MST-lab
  • UiO MiNaLab
  • SINTEF MiNaLab